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Locksmith Eindhoven

Locksmith Eindhoven is specialized in opening locks and doors fast in Eindhoven. Call us if you have lost your keys or when your keys have been stolen. Is your house broken into? Locksmith Eindhoven repairs your locks professionally and ensures safe, new locks to help prevent future burglary.

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    Whether you lost your keys or simply forgot them while going for groceries: Locksmith Eindhoven is specialized in opening locks and carrying out repairs. The lock specialists of Locksmith Eindhoven are active in every part of Eindhoven and always find a way to solve your lock problem. You can contact us 24/7 and a certified locksmith is on site within 20 minutes.

    Chris Borg | Locksmith

Locksmith Eindhoven collaborates with

  • Private individuals
  • Companies
  • Real estate managers
  • Brokers
  • Housing
  • Authority services
  • Alarm centrals
  • Bailiffs

Locksmith Eindhoven: the numbers

  • 24 Hours a day available
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Our happy clients

When do you need a locksmith?

A locksmith helps you with problems with your key, locks or doors. You can also contact us for burglary prevention or in case you are locked out. Our locksmith arrives within 20 minutes.

My locks are old and damaged

If your locks are outdated or damaged, they will become weaker and the risk of burglary will increase. Let Locksmith Den Haag replace your locks in time. Our locks have the SKG certificate, which stands for strength and durability.

Half of my key is still in the lock

It can happen to anyone: you put your key in the lock and the key breaks off. Very annoying, as a broken key is difficult to remove from the lock. Call the experts from Locksmith Den Haag. They will remove the key and restore or replace the lock professionally.

There are a lot of burglaries in my neighborhood

If you live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of burglaries, we advise you to have your locks checked. We check whether the locks meet the safety requirements and can give you advice on burglary prevention and burglary proof locks.

I lost my keys

Did you lose your keys? Have your locks replaced as soon as possible to prevent burglary. After all, you do not know who finds your keys and whether the person has evil intentions.

My house was broken into

Are your locks and windows damaged as a result of burglary? If you have been burgled, contact our locksmiths as soon as possible. We clean up and repair the burglary damage for you. In addition, we replace the old locks by burglary-proof locks to prevent burglary.

I’ve locked myself out

Have you left the house, while your keys were still on the kitchen table? No worries. Our locksmiths arrive within 20 minutes to open your door so that you can enter your house again.

Working area Locksmith Eindhoven

The locksmiths of Locksmith Eindhoven operate in every part of the city of Eindhoven.

  • Eindhoven Centrum
  • Tongelre
  • Gestel
  • Woensel-Noord
  • Stratum
  • Woensel-Zuid
  • Strijp

Channa (Eindhoven)

‘While I was on a holiday, I received a text message from my neighbor that my apartment was broken into. From France I contacted Locksmith Eindhoven and they took care of everything very professionally. When I got home I picked up the key from my neighbor to open the new, burglary proof locks that were installed’

Mrs. Vrijburg from Eindhoven

‘After going to the city center to watch a movie on Saturday night, I discovered I left my keys on the table when I left my house. I was so happy with Locksmith Eindhoven. They were on site in 20 minutes!’

Johnny (Eindhoven)

When I bought my house, the lock of the front door was already outdated but I didn’t replace it immediately. Unfortunately, a few months after I moved in, the key broke off. When I contacted Locksmith Eindhoven the problem was solved within an hour!

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For more information about our services or a price indication, please contact us via 040 7810 009 or send an email to info@slotenmakereindhoven.nl. You can also use the contact form on the right.